Deza, the pleasure of the interior of Galicia.


Casa Don Din offers a unique location, Vila de Cruces, is situated in the centre of Galicia, being in such a location allows all visitors to get to know the Galician community in all its glory, both rural and surrounding areas, the beaches and the mountains. You take part in the old pilgrimage way ‘Camino de Santiago’, visit the ‘Rías Baixas’ and many other emblematic places very near.

In addition, Casa Don Din is a stone’s throw from Galicia’s main cities, with journeys up to one hour to A Coruña, Lugo, Pontevedra and Ourense, and just 45 minutes to Santiago de Compostela.


The region of Deza is a privileged environment, unrivalled, in which rural and nature go hand in hand to offer a unique experience.

The River Deza, which gives its name to the surrounding region, the same that, gives its uniqueness and special connection. The water of River Deza and its tributaries is what has marked the physiognomy and philosophy of life for the place and its people, with special locations such as the great Fervenza do Toxa, natural cascade of Rio Toxa; the recreational Area of A Carixa Merza, with space adapted to accommodate caravans and riverside walks; the Isles of Gres, a special place consisting of several islands interconnected among themselves, and the stone bridge in the same village, which is a world heritage site; the Isles of Remesquide, a flowing river with strong character on the island; Portodemouros, the ideal reservoir for aquatic activities of any kind that can be crossed by ferry; the tall trees at Sobreirais of Arnego and many others…

However in Deza its appeal does not stop at its iconic river. The region has endless reasons why to lose yourself, with magical places to make you feel small, like the famous Carboeiro Monastery; spaces to relax like the Spa Baños da Brea; Churches for admiration and faith, like the Sanctuary O Corpiño and the San Salvador Monastery; and even old cultural remnants of As Pedras de Oirós and the more modern stone market stalls of Pendellos A Golada.

Culture holds a special place in the town council of Vila de Cruces, where you can visit: The museum of Xosé Neira Vilas, reference for the written Galician culture, in Gres; the famous meeting point for artists at an international level A Solaina de Piloño; The museum of the Mining of Fontao, living history of the industrial past in the area and the importance of tungsten; the Astronomical Observatory Zarragrande; and other places with strong character such as the well-known workshop of eferro in Merza, with its characteristic clogs and leather works.


The active tourism surrounding Casa Don Din takes the experience to a different level, with all kinds of activities to enjoy, visiting famous wineries, enjoying the thousand and one fairs and gastronomic festivals, or doing more adventurous activities.

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